Criminal Law Section of the Utah State Bar


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Criminal Law Section 

The purposes of the Criminal Law Section are:

  1. to serve as the Bar’s principal entity concerned with criminal justice and its fair, speedy, and efficient administration. 
  2. to study and conduct educational programs and make recommendations to the Bar concerning the criminal justice system, the juvenile justice system, law enforcement, corrections, and related civil and administrative matters.  
  3. to be a liaison to other groups interested in criminal justice, from other states and territories, and at the national level. 

The goals of the Criminal Law Section include:

  1. providing broad representation of all aspects of criminal justice and the law including defenders, prosecutors, the judiciary, academics, juvenile justice, the military, law enforcement and corrections; 
  2. providing a forum for the improvement of law and procedure in the field of criminal law and procedure;
  3. promoting professional competence of the attorneys who practice in the Criminal Justice system; and
  4. promoting the sound development of ethical and professional practices and procedures.